Since I was young, I’ve had a deep passion for handmade crafts. I loved creating things with my hands (crafting class was my favorite in school!) and was always drawn to beautiful and intricate designs, largely influenced by my father, who ran a printing company and often worked with graphical designs.

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Limkokwing University in Malaysia. While juggling my day job, I spent the nights unleashing my creativity. Gradually, I brainstormed ideas, poured them into my diary, and in 2012, I made my first jewelry piece, marking the beginning of Tree Craft Diary.

Like the branches of a lush tree, inspiration is endless. For the first nine years, I taught myself how to make beaded jewelry and loved every moment of the journey. However, I wanted to elevate my craftsmanship as a jeweler. Realizing there was much more to learn and many techniques to master, I decided to take a break from my
business and enroll in the Jewellery Design program at LaSalle College Vancouver to upgrade my skills. Today, I craft jewelry from my home studio in Metro Vancouver, blending gem beading and metalsmithing techniques with precious and semi-precious metals.

I believe crystals hold magic and can uplift your everyday mood with their special spiritual qualities. By utilizing one of Earth’s elements—gemstones—I emphasize their natural characteristics, focusing on visuals and intriguing colors to create charming jewelry for individuals who adore unique, contemporary styles infused with a sense of wonder.

Most of my creations are one-of-a-kind or made in limited pieces. I believe these unique beauties speak for themselves. No matter how simple or intricate the design, the details are crucial. Pair TCD jewelry with your outfit, and they will add a delightful zest to your style!


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