Potion of Healing Necklace

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Seraphinite, known as the Stone of the Seraphim Angels—the highest order of angels—features heavenly strokes of silver and green. It harmonizes easily with the vibrations of other high-energy crystals, making it ideal for healing, meditation, and attunement with the angelic realm and nature spirits. The back of this pendant features a leaf cut-out, symbolizing healing. The chain is adorned with a leaf connector and dark brown Bronzite beads, enhancing the overall theme of restoration and nature.

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  • Material: Sterling silver (blackened), Seraphinite
  • Pendant dimensions: 27 x 38 mm
  • Necklace length: 16″ (40 cm), with 2″ (5 cm) extender link
  • Sterling silver chain with lobster clasp closure

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    Every bit of the Earth hides a little magic that’s waiting to be discovered and shared. Inspired by the mystical world of ancient potions, each design in the ‘Potion Library’ collection brings out the magical powers of nature’s most enchanting gemstones. This collection invites you to experience the alchemy of adornment—jewelry that goes beyond just looking beautiful—it’s about wearing your intentions and adding a touch of mystique to your style.

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    All items are designed and handmade by Cindy in Burnaby, British Columbia – Canada.

    FYI. Sometimes the imperfections you see in natural stones are not uncommon. In fact, it’s rare to see a piece of gem that is completely impeccable and unblemished. Their uniqueness can result from anything from heat, pressure, mineral makeup, volcanic activity or time. And due to the rarity of natural gemstones and all handmade, most of our products are one-of-a-kind or made in very limited pieces, so you’re getting a special piece of jewelry!

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