Collection: Like A Tiny Greenhouse

You are now entering a stress-free zone 🌿🌼🌺🌻🍃

Although the world is full of chaos – smile 😊. Stay bright, stay balanced. Lift the spirit to have a little fun, find some humor in a difficult situation, nourish your heart and keep the inner sunshine alive.

And then, please do me a favor… Close your eyes, imagine you’re taking a weekend getaway, let’s say driving 200 miles from the city and you now arrive in a remote countryside with an appealing greenhouse in front of you. Feeling curious and excited, as soon as you open the door, a fresh lovely fragrance of the sun-washed sparkling flowers and the lush greenery fills you up entirely. At the moment, the warm greetings of these spring colors foliage release dark clouds and all that make you gloomy, leaving a joyful memory instead.

Just like a greenhouse shields crops from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests, the idea of this collection is to preserve dried flowers and foliage using resin in the form of puzzles, lavender bits inside mini glass bottles, and the art of decoupage in wood slices. [ Like A Tiny Greenhouse ] vibrantly presents to you cheerful flower fashion in a playful way, keeping them blooming in every season, every situation.


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