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I stumbled upon this interesting article about crystals for travel from Happiest When Exploring blog written by Erica – a travel blogger based in Montreal.

Healing crystals are great travel companions and can be utilized in promoting a safe journey, arrival and adventure. Crystals radiate frequency and energy because they are living creatures, like you and me. I believe that crystals can be integrated into our daily lives and daily quests, and our travels. If you’re new to crystals, a great resource is Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy pocket guide. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

✨ 7 Crystals for Travel: Protection, Grounding and Calming

1. Turquoise
Hibiscus Moon (an amazing resource for learning about crystals) explains that Turquoise is the traveller’s companion and a good protector. It was traditionally given to people getting ready to go on a long journey.

2. Malachite
Malachite is one of the stones most known and recognized for travel protection. Malachite is an especially powerful gemstone that offers protection from accidents and protection for air travel. Besides being among the most powerful protection stones, Malachite makes for a great travel partner because it absorbs negative energy and pollutants, has soothing properties, and helps eliminate the fear associated with flying. With Malachite taking care of the gross plane air, easing your tension and taking care of any fears you might have about flying, the stone will (as a result!) help with jet lag.

3. Hematite
Hematite is a grounding stone and can help get rid of jet lag. Hibiscus Moon explains in a short video an effective way to be relieved of jet lag by using Hematite. Check out the link!

4. Angelite
Angelite isn’t traditionally a travel stone but it is a protection stone. It promotes peace and helps in connecting with the higher self, your intuition, psychic abilities – whatever you want to call it. I believe that if you are connected to your highest self and intuition, then you are protected from harmful situations and interactions, as well as negative energies or encounters.

5. Amethyst
Amethyst is another go-to stone for travellers. Amethyst protects the wearer while travelling and even from thieves! If crystals are new to you (or even if they aren’t), this probably sounds a little far-fetched.

6. Howlite
I like Howlite for travel because it is a calming stone. Howlite decreases stress or anxiety for the wearer and even helps with insomnia. If you tend to be a little more nervous or anxious, this is a great stone for you when you travel.

7. Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate is a more subtle, supportive stone. Blue Lace Agate has a harmonizing energy, balancing the emotions and natural forces, and encourages self-confidence – all important components in successful and safe travel!

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