Meet The World Through Handmade Korea

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”

— Robert Brault

Time flies… It’s the third year I joined Handmade Korea Fair (now changed name to Handarty Korea 핸드아티코리아) and there are always, always moments to be cherished..(read my other blogs in Handmade Korea: “IDxHKxSG” and “Together We Are One”)

The leading of Korea’s handicraft industry exhibition, a 4-day event which includes: paintings, craft works, hands-on experience sessions, visual arts, illustration, fashion & jewelry, raw materials and DIY, took place in COEX Hall C last week from 26-29 July 2018.

As written in my previous post “Go Statement!”, where I put my whole effort into preparing showstopping statement pieces to be showcased for the first time, which led to my total of 40+kg of luggage, but very satisfied with the outcome! This time thankful for Yien’s and Yunhye’s help, especially on the loading day. They came over to help me set up the booth, otherwise I seriously can’t do it all by myself! 고마워용~❤

Very humble to say people give positive feedback to my creations. Confidence level goes up up up! =D

My gratitude also goes to friends whom I knew years ago, who came over to give their biggest support, brought me food and drinks, and some even bought my items. There’s that inexplicable feeling of reuniting with other artists whether they’re local or overseas, in which we can exchange information about anything related to our biz. One of the precious relationships I made is with Luvinball sisters who make glass ball jewelry. Both of them came over to meet me, and to my surprise, not only did they prepare a nice lunch and coffee, but also treated my booth as theirs, suggested how they felt could look better, helped me to sell and explained my creations to the local customers. For them, it’s a small gesture, but for me, it makes a big impact!