Polar Spirit Bell 🔔 聖誕下的曙光鐘

We all know that 2020 has been a difficult year, and the holidays are probably going to look and feel a little different. Early this month, as I chatted with my long-distance friend 阿洋 @YeungDraw, we both thought how it would be nice if we could pay a Christmas tribute to the online community (yes you!) by collaborating on our arts.. 🎨

Let us present: [ Polar Spirit Bell ] 🔔 – A giant jingle bell that represents a guardian to protect all of us from fear and suffering. A spirit of hope that the best is yet to come. For the time being, until the world is safe enough to travel, let’s visualize we’re on the sleigh ride, going to the North Pole and sliding down snow-covered slopes on skis while enjoying the beautiful aurora. 🎿❄️

We wish you a Blessed Holiday, a Peaceful Mind, Healthy Merry Christmas! 🎄

2020年, 大家的日子都過得很艱難。我們在這一年過的假期都變得不一樣。可能不敢外出用餐, 不敢逛人多的街道商店。我們的距離變得遠了。12月初, 我跟一位好久不見的外國朋友-阿洋 @YeungDraw 聊到大家最近的生活。我們都覺得既然大家不能去旅行、擺攤,那就隔空合作吧!用我們各自所長在這個聖誕為大家加點溫暖!🎨

為大家介紹: [ Polar Spirit Bell 聖誕下的曙光鐘 ] 🔔 – 一個由我本人用許多礦石、石頭拼出來的巨大Jingle Bell, 像守護者一樣保護著我們。我們可以在鐘底下, 享受著免於恐懼的自由。相信將來一切都會變好。直到世界變得更安全之前, 我們可以先想像我們正在坐著聖誕雪橇, 飛到北極圈, 在極光下一起享受充滿快樂的聖誕節。🎿❄️


Can you guess the stone types I used in this bell artwork?

✔️ They are red dyed Coral for the ribbon, gold Rutilated Quartz and Tiger’s Eye for the bell’s body, with an additional two druzy crystals verticaling on top and bottom.⁠

(1/2) The ultimate fun of making this giant spirit bell from tiny stone chips, stringing and gluing them up piece by piece… 🛠️
(2/2) After my part in making the bell is accomplished and the photo is taken, it is now @YeungDraw time to fill up the entire painting with his awesome illustration! Look at those tiny details! 😱 You rock 阿洋! 👏

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