The Healing Properties of Amethyst

Today I am going to share some information I found about this popular gemstone – AMETHYST

The “Stone of Spirituality and Contentment”.
Amethyst shifts energies to higher frequency, emanating stability, peaceful strength and calm, ushering lightness and lovingness to one’s environment. It is a powerful protective stone with a healing effect on physical, emotional and psychological challenges.


For thousands of years, Amethyst was considered to be an important part of royal collections.
The Egyptians, and especially the Greeks, were obsessed with this natural wonder. To them, it was a symbol of power.
As time went by, the Christian church also favored amethyst for their Bishops as a symbol of Christ.


According to Greek mythology, an intoxicated Dionysus (the god of wine and rituals) became infuriated with a young virgin named Amethyst.
When the girl asked the goddess Diana for help, she turned Amethyst into a beautiful white stone to protect her. Feeling sorry for his actions, Dionysus began to cry, and his tears fell into his cup of wine.
The cup overturned and spilled onto the stone, covering it completely until it became the Amethyst we know today.


Amethyst has been prized for its healing abilities for thousands of years in the ancient world.

  • Physical- According to healers, Amethyst can help with withdrawal symptoms of addictive substances and help with headaches, insomnia, and pain relief.
  • Mental- Since the story by the Greeks became so popular, Amethyst was known for keeping others from becoming drunk. Over time, this also extended to things like emotions. Mentally, Amethyst has the ability to keep the mind grounded and sobered, free from the fluctuations of restlessness.
  • Spiritual- Because it can keep the mind calm, spiritual awakening becomes somewhat easier. Focusing on meditation can be challenging, but with a calm mind, it’s much more accessible. It’s also said to stimulate psychic abilities.


Like all gemstones and precious jewels, Amethyst should be worn in close contact with the skin- especially with the left side of the body, which is the receptive side.
Amethyst malas are especially easy to do this with. However, earrings and necklaces can also be effective.

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