The Healing Properties of Citrine

November is about CITRINE – the alternate birthstone of November (primary birthstone: Topaz),
also the accepted birthstone for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversary.

Citrine is a yellow-golden stone belonging to the quartz family. The term ‘citrine’ is derived from a French word ‘citron’ that means lemon, referring to the color of the stone.


In ancient times, this magnificent stone enjoyed the reputation of the ‘merchant’s stone’ and the myth goes on to say that carrying it during sales was supposed to attract wealth. This belief was probably subjected to its gold-like appearance. Moreover, medieval people had a strong belief in Citrine’s medical and mystical qualities as well. It was believed that the power of this stone will help a patient in recovering from heart, kidney, liver and stomach problems.


  • Physical– Citrine invigorates the spine, the digestion, and enhances the digestive system.
  • Because it’s an energetic sun stone, it’s often recommended for those with low energy and those that feel lethargic.
  • Mental– The sun is thought to be a clear and clean energy. Hence, when using this stone, a clearer head can prevail because the thoughts begin to come into an energetic balance.
  • Many business people prize this stone for bringing clarity because it helps them to remain focused on their goals.
  • Emotional– Finding self-confidence can sometimes be tricky; luckily gemstones can help.
  • Just as the sun naturally shines its brilliance for all to see without reserve or hesitation, this stone helps the wearer to find confidence in simply exuding their own true selves.
  • Spiritual– Because of the clarity that citrine brings mentally, it easily transfers that same vibration to spiritual benefits.
  • This stone aids in bringing the wearer the ability to meditate deeply. In many healing circles, it’s taught that this stone cleanses the third eye chakra and grants spiritual vision. It also stimulates the sacral chakra, which is the center of creativity.


In many cultures, wearing Citrine is quite natural in jewelry. Although it’s preferable and stronger to wear it in contact with the skin, wearing it in earrings also works. If you wish to use it in a room, place large stones in the four corners; but only in a room that requires high energy, not one in which you sleep.

Sourced from Jewel of the Nile 

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