Being A Student Is A Gift

“Being a student is a gift”
It’s my favorite phrase quoting from my instructor – Louise Perrone, and I couldn’t agree more 🥰

It’s been a year since I updated this blog diary. I came to Canada to pursue my study in the jewelry field, and to enrich my experience in many ways with the opportunity to meet the people I met here. During my one-year study at LaSalle College Vancouver, I learned how to design and construct metal jewelry pieces using a variety of metalsmithing techniques, such as piercing, filing, riveting, polishing, soldering, bezel setting, flush setting, tube setting, claw setting, wax carving, water casting, cuttlefish bone casting, metal alloying, fusing, reticulating and roll texturing. Even expanding to mixed media beading techniques with alternate materials, such as fabric, thread embroidery, enamel, patinas, powder coat and resin.

I feel honored to have the chance to participate in two events from the Craft Council of BC: Framed – which I designed Shield Necklace – A double-sided pendant in the shape of a shield, made from layers of sterling silver and wood, with red nylon threads strung inside the hollow frame, and three pairs of Vitamin C earrings for The Earring Show 2022, and received the People’s Choice Award for my Vitamin C – Stitch & Sew Earrings.

Shield Necklace – The design is based on research into the heater shields (evolved from kite shields) that were developed in the late 12th century, typically made from wood braced with metals, making them lightweight and easy to move around.
The idea of this pendant is to protect our well-being from the complexity of life, which is represented by the threads. Functioning as an amulet, the pendant is worn on an adjustable leather cord and falls right in front of the chest, giving support and protection to the wearer.

Vitamin C Earrings – Oranges and lemons are fruits that come to mind when we think of a good source of vitamin C, a vital antioxidant in maintaining our overall health. Building a strong immune system helps us to remain healthy and zestful at this crucial time. These earrings dangle on sterling silver wires as a constant reminder to add color to our lives and thrive.

Vitamin C : Stitch & Sew
Vitamin C : Cut & Slice
Vitamin C : Tint & Paint

It’s been a great year! I feel lucky to be able to come to Canada and enroll in this program ‘this’ year so that I can be a student under our great teachers – Louise Perrone, Serena Bartok, Clarissa Long, Raphael Braga and Timothy Bauer, and go thru all the assignments with such lovely classmates. I have put my 100% effort into completing all of the tasks given. Feeling proud of the pieces that I made during the year. I am also honored to receive the Artistic Excellence Award at the end of our grad show on August 11th, 2022. Thank you Craft Council of British Columbia for the sponsor!

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