Collection: Rabbit Wonderland

rabbit wonderland

[ Rabbit Wonderland ] – A playland where the rabbits frolicking around, enchanted by the sparkling crystals scattered on the face of Druzy stones from my homeland – Indonesia, this collection represents the growth and experience that I have gained from the Jewellery Design program at LaSalle College Vancouver. It includes metal-smithing and beading techniques, such as piercing, doming, filing, riveting, polishing, soldering, bezel setting, claw setting, tube setting, flush setting, enamel, solder inlay, patina, granulation, etc.

The rabbit has been a symbol of creativity and longevity. In some parts exists the belief that a bunny crossing your path could mean that you must follow your intuition, or make some kind of a change or transformation in your life. It is also a well-known character in many children’s stories as I grew up and it makes me chuckle with their tricks and creative egos that motivate me to move forward in my life. I hope this collection could bring the same laughter I had growing up and as a symbol of creativity in one’s life. This Rabbit Wonderland is the dreamland for all the rabbit lovers out there! 🐇


Mirror mirror on the wall, I see a rabbit across the hall! It swings and slides and hops to see its reflection on the wall it seems?

Bunny Story

Words have power like magic spells! Write down the words and the land will soon appear! The keywords are 兔子 (tù zǐ / Rabbit), 仙境 (xiān jìng / Wonderland)!

chinese character bunny story sterling silver necklace 兔子仙境


Walking out into the open field, you see a white rabbit hopping toward you. On its fluffy body, you notice a rabbit-like key hanging by its nose. It seems like it is an invitation to somewhere new..

Sparkling Meadow

Looking out into the distance, you notice a shadow spotted out in the open field. You see two long ears, wide hind legs and a curvy figure comfortably sitting in the meadow. What could it be?

sterling silver matte furry rabbit with light green sparkling druzy stone pendant necklace

Lucky Bunny

What could you do to attract rabbits? Perhaps planting bushes and evergreens along the edge of the yard, or adding brush piles for the rabbits to hide in. But what could be more attractive if to add a clover on its way! 🍀

Craving For Carrot

All you need is a carrot, one crunchy orange vegetable that will attract the rabbit to come closer. But be careful, don’t have it too close or she will love you forever!


Two little blessings are sent to you. A playful creature that has a lot to do. Eating carrots, collecting lucks and maybe even hearts for the ones they love!

Down The Rabbit Hole

How deep does the rabbit hole go? You peak into the hole and it is all pitch black! The only thing you see is a glimpse of sparkle. What does the rabbit see down there? Carrot perhaps?

Rabbit in Wonderland

A place where the rabbits gather and hop in their magical world full of their favorite carrots, clovers, and sparkling bits under the full moon.