Crystals Love Moonlight

Here is the list of FULL MOON in 2024 🌕
Bookmark this post and remember to cleanse your crystals periodically.

January 25 Wolf Moon
February 24 Snow Moon
March 25 Worm Moon
April 23 Pink Moon
May 23 Flower Moon
June 21 Strawberry Moon
July 21 Buck Moon
August 19 Sturgeon Moon
September 17  Harvest Moon
October 17 Hunter’s Moon
November 15 Beaver Moon
December 15 Cold Moon

Crystals have the ability to absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. So it is important to cleanse them often and the full moon is the perfect time to do this. When we say “cleanse” in this context, it’s on an energetic level, not just cleaning the dust off them. Many people believe that the full moon can clear a crystal’s energy and recharge the positive energies it holds.

To do so, put your crystal jewelry, pendants and bracelets that you wear all the time (or new pieces that you just bought) on a tray and leave them outside to cleanse or re-tuning crystals in the moonlight. If you can’t put them outside, you can put them in front of your window where moonlight can come in. The energy is still around us. Bring them inside in the morning.

It’s okay if you can’t put them out on the day of the full moon. The lunar energy is at its strongest for three days. The day before, the day of the full moon, and the day after. You can put them out on any of those three days. Check out this link to know the exact dates for the full moon calendar.

See the guide below from The Crystal Tree to find out all types of cleansing methods and charging your crystals, as well as the list of crystals that don’t need cleansing, and crystals that don’t like water and sunlight.

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