Collection: A Walk in the Garden

The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all. Mother Earth, flowing rivers, majestic mountains, shady trees and growing green gardens. Spending time in nature and we’ll notice that we feel happier out there than in here. This collection is presented to those who live in urban areas where they may have little or no contact with the natural world in their daily lives.

As a nature lover, I seek fresh air once in a while to gain inspiration. For the past few years, I’ve visited numerous gardens, parks and forests whenever I travel outside the country. The wonderful experience has led me to build up [ A Walk in the Garden ] – a collection that reflects the beauty of nature, where each item is carefully crafted based on the scenery I took, in conjunction with a quote that mirrored it.

A mixture of green hues and bright colors gemstones, harmonize with flowers, leaves, birds and other nature-related charms that you might find in the garden, making them into one-of-a-kind necklaces, appealing bracelets, pretty earrings and dazzling bagcharms. Hope you’ll find the jewelry you love and feel the indescribable earth’s stunning beauty!

These two books help me a lot in the beginning stage of building the new collection..⁠

Fact: Eight months ago on my travel to Granada, I lingered around a souvenir shop and caught the book “How To Read Gardens” by Lorraine Harrison. Seeing it interesting, I picked up the book and flipped the pages back and forth, but couldn’t make up my mind if I should buy this book. Yet the content is interesting (since I like the greens and nature 🍃). So I decided to open my wallet and pay for the book without envisioning that today it indeed feed me some knowledge and inspiration for this new collection.. 💡


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