ID’s Wings

Mission accomplished! I am very thrilled to make this art piece and the outcome looks really cool!

I made this dedicated to Mr. Jang – a Korean paper model artist whose story I shared in the previous blog. I received his novel book titled “ID’s Choice이드의 선택. The story is about the main character named “ID” 이드 – a man who gave up his both arms and hands to gain a pair of wings to fulfill his immense desire to fly. I really like every detail of the storyline for it completely reflects our desire as a human that to reach our higher achievement, we somehow must give up certain things.. I had goosebumps!

During 4 nights (yes, I made this late at night to avoid distraction), crafted each stone beads by beads and then linked them together. I name it: [ ID’s Wings ].

“Give up your arms and gain the power to fly”

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