Jang’s Paper Art Museum

There will always be a reason why you meet people.
Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that’ll change theirs..

I want to introduce Mr. Jang Hyeong Sun 장형순 선생님 – a paper model artist and novelist from Korea. We’ve known each other since 3 years ago introduced by Lucia, and since then, every time I come to Korea, Mr. Jang and his wife always treat me so so nice like family. Today as well, they took me to his solo gallery exhibition at Eobium Yongin.

A short biography about Mr. Jang – He majored in architecture and worked in architectural design offices and animation production companies. In 2002, he founded a paper model company to be named ZICONDESIGN, where he designed paper models with culturally related, architectures, animals and characters. Since 2005, he actively held the annual private Jang’s Paper Model Exhibition, and also participated in several market fairs and group artists exhibitions.

My very first impression when stepping into the gallery was seriously a big “WOW” 😱😱😱 There are sooooo many paper models from small pieces to meter-tall prototypes! Mr. Jang guided and explained thoroughly his inspirations, his works from an early age until the recent ongoing projects. Some of them were created in his dreams, and some characters were born based on his imagination. While it is impossible to count one-by-one the number of models, but should be around 1000-2000 pieces of paper models, all made by himself. All of his stories as an artist are being portrayed here in this art space. He is truly an artist!