There is always, always something to be thankful for..

4-days of 핸드메이드코리아 Handmade Korea Summer 2017 which took place in COEX Hall C – Seoul, S.Korea; 20-23 July 2017 has finally come to an end. This year we’re collaborating with my artist friends: Yeung Draw and Miss Times from Hong Kong, and Roomism from Singapore, which makes our booth name: “IDxHKxSG” (stands for Indonesia x Hong Kong x Singapore).

A year ago, I joined HMK together with Meet Lucia (read this diary), and was very happy to experience that bonding between the locals and overseas artists. Without any doubt, this year I decided to once again take part in this event and it was beyond fantastic! This time, HMK expanded its categories, not only handmade classification which includes drawing, sculpture, illustration, calligraphy, DIY experience class, quilt and sewing; but also goes further to living interior, fashion and beauty, food town and book art. Yes, the hall is BIG and super crowded with people. I witnessed the long queue in front of the hall before the gate was open to the public!

Other than four of us, there are many other overseas artists participated as well: HamiiG Hong Kong artists with Mike Ha as the leader, Astha, Yukari and DaYeon who support Women for Women Nepal, Olfac3 Malaysia’s signature perfumery house, talented visual artist Cristjen Lai and Chai Diam Ma who runs an artspace+cafe in Malaysia, Yoko Saito who draws Antenna Diary from Japan, Turk Kultur Merezi from Turkey displaying unique handmade Turkish dishes whose booth was just next to us, C Plus Culture from Taiwan who brought the spirit of Pop Up Asia, my good friend 최루시아 Lucia Choi whose booth was just right behind us and that she took care all of the overseas artists (thank you so much!). Last but not least, and for the first time, there were 24 Indonesian artists in the Indonesia Pavilion brought by Deka Event.

In addition, which made me super happy ㅋㅋ, I had the opportunity to meet 이화선 Hwa Seon Lee, a Korean actress + super model + racer + artist. Her unique work is being displayed in a booth which I then visited. She’s very beautiful, humble and has many talents! 😍 It’s my pleasure to hand a gift from my creation to her. And aha! I received a gift from her too! And I’m gonna mix-craft her work along with mine soon! 😉

Also, I met the most famous Korean fashion designer, 이상봉 Mr. Lie Sang Bong for the second time! Two years ago, I greeted him when I had an exhibition at Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. He still remembers me when I showed him the picture. 😄 It was nice meeting you again!

We had a great night with other overseas artists after the end of the third day! We shared our backgrounds and experiences, we talked about our countries, and undoubtedly, we’re trying to help each other to find a way to reach our dreams. 🌟🌟🌟

Thanks for the delicious dinner, beer and wine, and of course, this precious opportunity that you arranged for us, Kim Urah 대표님. We really appreciate it! 🤗 감사합니다~

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for meeting my old friends who came over, and of course, appreciate every moment of having the chance to make new connections and friends.

We are from different countries in the world but we all have dreams and share the same smiles. 🙂

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