APT Young Entrepreneurs Forum

“Enhanced Roles of Young and Women Entrepreneurs in East Asia Economic Community”
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 23-25 August 2017
SOKHA Phnom Penh Hotel & Residence

It was truly an honor for us to be invited to participate in this APT Young Entrepreneurs Forum at Phnom Penh. The 2 days forum started with the opening ceremony by Mr. Rommel Gerodias (representative from the Philippines) – President of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council / Sauber Professionals Inc., Ms. Kyoung A Eun (representative from Korea) – President of Korea Entrepreneurship; CeraArtCo., Ltd., H.E. Reach Ra (representative from Cambodia) – Under-Secretary of State; Ministry of Commerce, and opening remarks by H.E. Dr. Sok Siphana – Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The sessions are divided into 4 parts:
1. Overview of ASEAN Plus Three Cooperation: Trade and Economic Challenges and Opportunities after the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015
2. Roles of Young and Women in SME’s Development, Exports and Innovation in East Asia
3. Mobilizing Resources to Support Young and Women in SME’s Development in East Asia
4. Enhanced Roles of Young and Women Entrepreneurs in East Asia Economic Community

Allow me to introduce the 8 participants of successful young entrepreneurs from Indonesia:

Dimas Budisatyo / PT. Ramesia Mesin Indonesia

Established in 2010, Ramesia is innovating the world of machinery. They create an easy-to-access machinery e-commerce, especially in F&B machinery. Ramesia supports the industry and helps hundreds of other SMEs with their affordable products and top services.

Nina Kartika / Innovart

Started as a hobby, supporting the recycling movement in the handicraft and gift business since 1992, Innovart utilizes unused waste, cornhusk, into a work of art. They give added value to an object that is considered as waste by helping to conserve natural resources into beautiful flower wedding and home decorations.

Hanna Keraf / Du’Anyam

Du’Anyam is a social enterprise that produces and distributes wicker crafts to economically empower and improve the health of women in rural Indonesia. Established in 2014, Du’Anyam harnesses the idled crafting ability of the local community in Nusa Tenggara Timur, one of the poorest provinces with the highest maternal and newborn mortality rate in Indonesia, by tapping into wicker weaving traditions and providing an alternative employment to subsistence farming for pregnant women.

Ardhi Setyo Putranto / Banana Queen

Banana Queen is an innovative food company that produces tasty, practical, and nutritious organic banana chips made from ripe bananas without any sugar added. In 2011, Ardhi seized the opportunity of ripe bananas, which made Banana Queen add more value to the local commodity, especially for the diabetics to consume.

Yessika Nandya / Beautysky Aesthetic

With clinics based in Yogyakarta, Beautysky fabricates skin care products, challenging the beauty industry with its innovation. Bestie for your skin.

Ivan Nashara / eFishery

eFishery, the smartest fish-feeding technology, is disrupting a habit that has lasted for centuries in fish farming and making aquaculture more precise and profitable, helping the world to secure its food supply in the future while helping to preserve nature and encouraging new fishpreneurs.

Dea Murty / Nusantara Jati

Nusantara Jati is a high-quality teak garden outdoor furniture manufacturer and wholesale company, not only for the domestic market, but also penetrate the international market with a solid online marketing strategy. Started with Facebook, followed by using Alibaba and EC25 to expand their market to online and global audiences.

Cindy Karimun / Tree Craft Diary

Unique style handcrafted jewelry made of semi-precious raw stones and crystals. By emphasizing the natural characteristics of natural gemstones, Tree Craft Diary embraces the fusion of fashion and nature, thus, creatively crafting them with unique attributes to create jewelry with a story. In 2012, started from Etsy – an international online handmade marketplace to reach the global market from the beginning, and taking advantage of social media to promote and maintain good relationships with the audience.

P.S. Thank you Ivan as our representative from Indonesia for the great introduction of young and women entrepreneurs breakthrough in Indonesia. You rock!

Although we just knew each other in such a short time, but the bonding experience we had was just so marvellous. All thanks to this remarkable forum, we had the chance to meet and connect with other great entrepreneurs from Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and China. We exchanged our business fields, we shared our experiences, we learned from each other, we talked about the difficulties we are facing, and it’s so amazing to receive feedback and help from fellow entrepreneurs. For us, it’s not only about the business and profit, but more than that, it’s the genuine friendship as the strong foundation on which the best relationship grows.

Thank you so much to all of the Cambodian organizers for your kind hospitality. We surely had a great time during these 3 days.

Last but not least, to all of the delegates: WELCOME TO INDONESIA!

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