Taipei Pinkoi Market

It’s been 3 weeks since I joined Pinkoi Market 品品市集・台北聖誕站 in Taiwan, and it has been one of the best experiences I have!

Let me start from the night before the main event. We’re honored to visit Pinkoi HQ and meet many new friends, local and overseas artists and brands. We briefly introduced ourselves and our products, and played games prepared by the Pinkoi team. It was a very interesting moment especially for overseas artists like me, getting to know each other and jumping into the mood since most of us had just arrived Taipei.

The next day, I arrived pretty early at Huashan Creative Park 華山文創園區 where this 2-days event took place to set up the booth. The hall was decked with crafty decors and Christmas-y banners since it’s a Xmas edition market. Over 120+ booths neatly spread in rows. Moreover, there were also live paintings and a variety of workshops.

Look at everyone’s preparing their best before the gate opened for public! XD

And here comes the most interesting part.. The crowd was massive! A long lineup surrounding the hall had begun before the market started. Even though it was raining the whole day on both days, but seriously, the lineup never ended, and needless to say that the crowd inside the hall was crazy. Glad to see everyone supporting handmade artists!

Below is the conversation I had with Wendy, Studio Cewemic from Hong Kong who makes cute ceramic decoration products. Her booth was at the first front row, while mine was far at the back. It proves how amazing Pinkoi Market is! ^^

I have participated in various overseas events for years, making more and more stall friends who work in the same field. Thank you my friends for the food & drinks, and for lending me a hand whenever I need help!

I had a great time with Pinkoi and I think they did a really great job! From the moment I was accepted in this Pinkoi Market, all the information they provided was crystal clear. Thank you Pinkoi staff, and thank you Raffi for visiting my booth to ask if everything’s okay even though you were super busy! Big applause to PINKOI! 👏👏👏

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