Pop Up Asia 2017

A few days after Pinkoi Market, the journey continued to Pop Up Asia. Last year I was invited to come as a VIP guest. This year I decided to join their second year, which is bigger and more activities like workshops and international forums.

In 松山文創園區 Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, 亞洲手創展 Pop Up Asia officially started with the opening of 최루시아 Lucia’s performance with her calligraphy moves and wrote: “POP UP ASIA”. She also performed at the opening night party, in the evening right after we called the day. This time she wrote: “손으로 만드는 세상”, which means: Handmade World.

Lucia and I shared the same booth in warehouse #3, while our other friends set up booths in the separate warehouse next to us. Many familiar brands are attending this year as well: 木梁作 Muliangzuo – the art of wood & metal fusion,  DoDo 手作 – animal drawn ceramic dishes, 匠子設計 ChanZ Studio – marble home decor, 小房子裝可愛手作村 BJ Art Village – mini houses pottery, 右手超人 Yohand – cute illustrations, 麥戈 Magger – from and for bulldog lovers, Spruce Artistry – indigo style hand-dyed fabric, 날닭 Naldak – all about chicken, Hanaduri – handmade soap, Haeiz Mundle – pattern maker, 책짓기 Chaekjitgi – pop-up book artists (our good friends!), Luvinball – magical snowball jewelry, Liunic On Things – illustrations for the connoisseurs of cute (the only other brand from Indonesia), and many more local and international brands from Asian countries.

Although I’ve expressed my gratitude many times on Facebook and Instagram, still, I’d like to thank my friends who helped me during four days in Pop Up Asia..

Thanks to Ben for lending me your super pro LED light! Without you, my booth will be very dark!
Thanks to Choe In-ho for coming all your way from Korea to support us
Thanks to 이제 for lending me your big mirror, dried flowers, chairs, and bought super nice lunch!
Thanks to 維尼 for your pineapple cakes. Yumm..
Thanks to Yaching for coming from Keelung to meet me (*hug)
Thanks to 책짓기 윤혜 for your fruits, 우리 for joining my workshop, and 오인 for buying a bracelet from me. Love y’all! ❤️

Very happy to meet Mickey Huang 黃子佼大哥, a famous Taiwanese TV host, comedian, actor and entrepreneur. My name was called three times! Haha! XD

I also did some workshops, teaching how to make necklaces and bracelets with their selection of stones and materials. I then suggested the design and guided each student on how to make it into final pieces. Attendees are from Macau, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was fun! 🤩

We make handmade, give handmade, buy handmade, live handmade

Our days won’t be complete without having dinner together! We surely get together every night, keep smiling and laughing even for the simplest things, because happiness is handmade. 😊

Thank you Pop Up Asia! Till we meet again! ^^

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