Indonesia-Korea Collaboration Movie: Forever Holiday in Bali

🤩 I am beyond happy these days!!! So fortunate to meet Thunder 천둥 a few days ago at CGV Slipi Jaya back door with Caitlin when they were promoting their latest movie: Forever Holiday in Bali. Not only shined in becoming a multi-talented Korean idol as a singer, dancer and actor, Thunder is so cute and handsome, that he smiles all the time! 😊😊😊 My hands were shaking when I helped him to wear my handmade bracelet as a gift.. ㅋㅋ (look at his wrist! 😆) I gave him a Scott Bracelet (Tiger’s Eye and genuine leather combination), hope you’ll like it and wear it often to bring you luck and prosperity. For her sister Sandara, I gave one-of-a-kind druzy crystal necklace as a gift, let’s hope she likes it! 🎁❤️ Thank you Thunder for being a kind messenger. We hope you have a great time in Indonesia, and can’t wait for the release of your new works!

Caitlin Halderman is soooo pretty and super nice! Really! Before entering the cinema to watch this movie for the second time (yes, I’ve watched it twice in a week!), I reached her at the back door and handed out my gift, a special druzy crystal necklace that I prepared earlier. She’s so adorable,  happily accepting my gift and thanking me like so many times. Thanks Cait, you made my day! 🌞 Needless to say her acting in the movie is great and so natural.

P.S. We’re wearing matchy clothes! Aha! 😆

It’s their last roadshow in Jakarta promoting Forever Holiday In Bali presented by Sonamu Films, the first Indonesia-Korea collaboration movie. It’s a fun love story, where scenes were taken in Bali (yes lots of beaches with cliffs, white sands, and trees.. hehe) which seriously makes me want to go to Bali for a holiday! Please watch our local-made movie and give your best support to the actors, actresses and production team who have worked hard all this time. Making a movie is not easy.

As most of my friends know, I am very enthusiastic and excited about this kind of multinational collaboration, hoping there will be many more to come! I do wish that my works could take part in such projects, whether in drama, movie, or magazine. That’s my dream and yes I dare to dream! 💪

So for stylists, if you need fresh ideas for accessories and jewelry, or design-related, please reach me and let’s work together! 😉 

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